U glass manufacturer in China. Export department of Laber U glass. We mainly supply U profile glass with textures of pear/Ice, thin strips, wide strips, wave, wired, etc The main thickness of U glass: 7mm, 8mm The width of U glass: 262mm, 331mm, max 500mm The main height of flanges: 60mm, 90mm, etc.

Laber U Glass manufacturing base

Yongyu Glass® is the Strategic partner of LABER® U profile glass products. We manufacture and export high-performance low iron U profile glass products. We mainly deal with: tempered U profile glass, frosted U profile glass, tinted U profile glass, Low-E U profile glass

RFQ: About U profile glass & treatment of U profile glass

  What is sandblasted glass? Sandblasted glass is produced by bombarding the glass surface with small hard particles to create a frosted aesthetic. Sandblasting can weaken the glass and creates a feeling prone to permanent staining. Maintenance-friendly etched glass has replaced most sandblasted glass as the industry standard for frosted glass.   What is acid etchedContinue reading “RFQ: About U profile glass & treatment of U profile glass”

LABER U profile glass installation instruction (Indoor partition)

Product: Low iron U profile glass, Specification: 7mmX331X60mm The texture of U glass: Nashiji/Pear Treatment: Sandblasted

Introduction of Laber U glass

As manufacture of U profile glass, Yongyu Glass & Laber mainly supply: Low iron U profile glass Frosted U profile glass (Sandblasted, Acid-etched) Tinted U profile glass Coated U profile glass (Solar coated, Low-E coated) Certificates we have: CCC (Chinese local standards) CE (Tempered U profile glass, tested by TUV Netherland local lab, system 3)Continue reading “Introduction of Laber U glass”


LABER Share (China) Limited and Qilu University of Technology (formerly Shandong Institute of Light Industry) conducted technical cooperation in 2009 to jointly develop the U-profile glass production line. It first established a test line in Dezhou City, Shandong Province. After more than three years of hard work, a series of technological innovations solved the problemContinue reading “ABOUT LABER GROUP”