RFQ: what is U glass

What is U glass? U glass (or U-shape glass, U channel glass, U profile glass, C glass) is a specialty architectural glass for interior and exterior wall applications, distinguished by its signature linear aesthetic. The U-shape glass channels are self-supporting, standing as tall as eight meters in a relatively lightweight 7mm or 8mm thickness. TheyContinue reading “RFQ: what is U glass”


U glass manufacturer in China. Export department of Laber U glass. We mainly supply U profile glass with textures of pear/Ice, thin strips, wide strips, wave, wired, etc The main thickness of U glass: 7mm, 8mm The width of U glass: 262mm, 331mm, max 500mm The main height of flanges: 60mm, 90mm, etc.

Laber U Glass manufacturing base

Yongyu Glass® is the Strategic partner of LABER® U profile glass products. We manufacture and export high-performance low iron U profile glass products. We mainly deal with: tempered U profile glass, frosted U profile glass, tinted U profile glass, Low-E U profile glass

RFQ: About U profile glass & treatment of U profile glass

  What is sandblasted glass? Sandblasted glass is produced by bombarding the glass surface with small hard particles to create a frosted aesthetic. Sandblasting can weaken the glass and creates a feeling prone to permanent staining. Maintenance-friendly etched glass has replaced most sandblasted glass as the industry standard for frosted glass.   What is acid etchedContinue reading “RFQ: About U profile glass & treatment of U profile glass”

Introduction & Technical support of Laber U profile glass

Need to learn more about U profile glass, just read our catalog to get an idea. From this article you can learn: What is U profile glass/U channel glass Characters of U profile glass The main process of the U profile glass How to install U profile glass

LABER U profile glass installation instruction (Indoor partition)

Product: Low iron U profile glass, Specification: 7mmX331X60mm The texture of U glass: Nashiji/Pear Treatment: Sandblasted

Main textures and treatments of LABER U profile glass

We, Yongyu Glass and Laber glass, could supply many textures to coloful your architecture design. Our main texture incuding Nashiji Smooth Smooth outside and nashiji inside Waterdrop Woven Thin strips Wide strips Big waves

Introduction of Laber U glass

As manufacture of U profile glass, Yongyu Glass & Laber mainly supply: Low iron U profile glass Frosted U profile glass (Sandblasted, Acid-etched) Tinted U profile glass Coated U profile glass (Solar coated, Low-E coated) Certificates we have: CCC (Chinese local standards) CE (Tempered U profile glass, tested by TUV Netherland local lab, system 3)Continue reading “Introduction of Laber U glass”


LABER Share (China) Limited and Qilu University of Technology (formerly Shandong Institute of Light Industry) conducted technical cooperation in 2009 to jointly develop the U-profile glass production line. It first established a test line in Dezhou City, Shandong Province. After more than three years of hard work, a series of technological innovations solved the problemContinue reading “ABOUT LABER GROUP”