LABER Share (China) Limited and Qilu University of Technology (formerly Shandong Institute of Light Industry) conducted technical cooperation in 2009 to jointly develop the U-profile glass production line. It first established a test line in Dezhou City, Shandong Province. After more than three years of hard work, a series of technological innovations solved the problem of glass-forming technology and finally completed the development of the entire project. In January 2013, the project was technically transformed and expanded production capacity in Chongde Second Avenue, Dezhou Economic, and Technology Development Zone. The modern standard plant has been built which covers 5000 square meters. Using Siemens technology and the Danfoss control system, the U-profile glass production line was independently developed was established in China. At the end of 2015, the second production line covering 8000 square meters was established in Zhengtai Science and Technology Pioneer Park in Chiping, Shandong. The main products include low iron U profile glass, U profile glass photovoltaic power generation system, etc.



Liaocheng Chicheng Glass Material Co., LTD.

In the production workshop of Chiping, one of the most advanced electric kiln is currently melting (20 tons/day, daily production of 560 square meters). The bottom electrode is used, and the corresponding power control system ensures the operation of the equipment. The advantage of the electric melting furnace is that the melting is uniform, and the glass composition is stable, with no environmental pollution. Calendering molding machinery is the core of product molding. This system is the most advanced U-profile glass production molding system in the world. Internal integration of Siemens control system, Danfoss frequency conversion technology ensures accurate, stable, and reliable operation of the production line. Annealing kiln is the core equipment for glass post-treatment. The entire annealing kiln is 47 meters long and is the longest in the industry in China, solving the temporary stress and permanent stress of the glass problem and ensuring that the glass annealing stress is at a minimum. In order to improve the safety of U profile glass, the company is equipped with a set of special tempering equipment for U-profile glass. It can be tempered U profile glass max length of 8 meters and ensure the tempered U profile glass meets international standards. Our 6mm, 7mm, 8mm 10mm tempered U profile glass has a CCC certificate and 7mm tempered profile glass has passed SGCC and CE certification. In order to enrich the products, we also have the most advanced ceramic frit U profile glass and acid-etched U profile glass production lines in the industry.

Production Process and Quality Control

The production process we use is electrofusion, and the auxiliary materials are made of chemical raw materials instead of ore. Therefore, our U profile glass composition is very stable, and there is almost no fluctuation, which ensures the stability of product quality.

Quartz sand is made of Anhui Fengyang quartz sand, which is basically used in the northern glass industry. Stable quality and low iron content are the basis for ensuring the transmittance of Low iron U profile glass.

Soda ash, we have been purchasing the products of the Haihua Group. Their products have been supplied to Jingjing Group and are the first supplier of low iron glass manufacturers in north China.

In order to ensure product quality, we prefer to purchase the best low-iron dolomite in Guilin, Guangxi. Due to its low iron content and reliable products, despite its high cost, it has always been our first choice.

Raw material partitioning

In addition to our internal quality control system, we have good cooperation with Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Institute of Light Industry), from the sampling of raw materials, and the control of glass components, are completed by the Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory.

Our U profile glass has been tested and certified by CQC, National Engineering Testing Center, SGS, SGCC, TUV, and other authorities from optical performance, mechanical strength to the performance of installed modules.

Logistics support:

As Shandong is located in the core area of the nine provinces, the logistics industry is very developed, and the car has a radiation area of 1,200 kilometers in 10 hours. Because the company’s products are packaged as pallets, saving manpower and material resources, loading one hour, unloading the car for a small time, transporting it to the corresponding location at any time, saving the second time of the construction site, saving time and reducing glass loss.

The factory is near Qingdao and Tianjin port, it is easy to send out our U profile glass to the oversea clients.

LABER is based on U-profile glass, concentrates on safety U-profile glass, creates new U-profile glass photovoltaic power generation system, and gradually develops into a comprehensive company with new technology, new materials and new applications as the core. We adhere to the people-oriented business philosophy, excellent product quality, and perfect technical services are our unremitting pursuit. LABER has an experienced sales team and professional team of engineers, from design and consulting to installation and after-sales, to provide you with a full range of personalized solutions.

Over the years, with innovative ideas, first-class products, and perfect service systems, LABER has been recognized by owners, design institutions and engineering companies. LABER JANGHO Group, YASGA Zhejiang, CSCEC, BUCG and other curtain wall companies, completed a number of influential domestic projects: Peking University New Media Industrial Park, Vanke Qingdao, Vanke Fuzhou, Vanke Xuzhou, CITIC Kangheng, Hunan Provincial Architectural Design Research Institute, Li Zijian Art Museum, Wuhan Garden Expo Park, Poly Real Estate, Country Garden Real Estate etc.

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